Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Royal College of Radiologist...

People know me very well, especially my close friends. Am well known with my constantly-changing mind. Take my future career for an instance.
  • Medical school time ---> Planning to proceed to become a cardiologist
  • Early HO-ship period ---> Planning to become a radiologist
  • Mid HO-ship period ---> Planning to become ENT surgeon
  • End HO-Ship Period ---> Planning to become an emergency physician
  • MO- ship period ---> Planning to become a radiologist, AGAIN!
So, my friends tend to just ignore my enthusiasm,because at the back of their mind, it's just for interim period. Well, i know that well too! But I stay positive most of the time. Changes happen.

Back to the aforementioned topic, I'd like to convince myself and everyone out there, that Am serious and 110% committed this time around. I want to be a RADIOLOGIST! Full stop. The reasons, well, I'll keep that to myself for now.

My enthusiasm made me email-ing my Med school lecturer and inquired regarding Master Programme and what does it take to be a radiologist. Then, she mentioned about The Royal College Of Radiologist (FRCR) exam. Meaning, I can be a Radiologist (Amin!) without entering the Malaysian Master Programme! Yess!

I considered it as a good news as I don't have to go for lectures and everything, but the downside is, no one to teach and show me things unless I ask them to. There are tons of things to ponder and considerate. But at least I can now see my options. Alhamdulillah!

I'll try my best. Guess I have lotsa readings to be done peeps! Toodles and Wish me LUCK!

Its the beach again!

When I have nothing to do at home or I'm extremely bored, there is one place you surely can find me at, The BEACH! Kemaman is definitely rich with beaches. If you planning to enjoy the breeze, you can just take a walk, and there you go, gorgeous beaches are ready to be explored.

So, yesterday, out of endless boredom. I drove my car to a beach called Pantai Che' Nik or sumting. The water was a bit cloudy. Maybe because of the downpour earlier. The waves were still strong and obviously not safe for the public. I enjoyed taking pictures and waiting for the sun to come down. Such a nice view, MasyaAllah

Add caption

Families enjoying the view. But please do not litter

The scary waves

Choppy sea

Its always raining!

Some random picture

I have no idea, what these sticks symbolized?

One of the biggest waves. RUN!!!

Proper 'Thank You'

I dunno what has gotten in to me today, but one thing for sure, It was a good thing. I opened my laptop today, soon after finishing everything in the ward, I started to write an email to my lecturer. I was a Thank You email!

It had been more than 2 years since I last saw and met my lecturers in Medical Faculty, UiTM. My email was actually meant to say and Thank You and to update her on my and my friends' progress so far. Are we doing good so far? Are coping well? Are we good doctors?

I just wanted to let her know that, whatever they did in Medical School was not fruitless. I am so sure that my friends are doing just fine everywhere. So, a proper Thank You letter (Email, in my case) was really necessary.

my batch

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well, its all about daddy issue!

I have been working in Paediatric department for, you know, not that long. Housemanship was 4 months, and now MO-ship about 4 months. And I have been taking history from countless daddies in this period. Guess what?! Most of these Dads suck! lol

I totally understand when Daddies tend to have NO IDEA about what's going on with their children as they are the breadwinner. They aren't at home, most of the times! Once they are, those children are already asleep. So, perhaps, that's the excuse for these encounters of mine:

Me: Anak sekolah darjah berapa?
Dad : Darjah satu doktor
Kid : Bukan la ayah. Dah darjah dua

Me: Azli (Not the real name) anak ke berapa?
Dad : Hrrrmmm... tiga rasanye. Eh jap, Dia ade 2 abang. Eh! Tak pasti

Me: Azli dah demam berapa hari?
Dad: Eh kejap yer. Saya kol mak dia dulu.. *calling the mom

Countless more stories. But, Dads are group of amazing people, loving men, and caring lots. So, some Dads are needed to pay 'little' attention about their children. Toodles for now!

Better watch out for angry Birds

Monday, January 9, 2012

Prego, Westin!

The food was awesome, the ambiance was splendid, and the Hospitality was welcoming. Those are few compliment words for Prego Restaurant, in one of the prestigious hotels in Malaysia, Westin Hotel. I was there after my cousin told the foods are Must-Try.

Well, I ordered some tongue-twisting named pasta with Plain water. And Ihab did some unknown pasta as well. And the Waiter, Anthony or something, was so nice and helpful. Guiding us through the menu and explain in understandable details about the foods.

After had decided on the food, we talked and talked and talked. Nothing, but about the chefs that we could see from the top level. Well, guess what! One of the chefs was my cousin.

The evening got better and better when we were served with a Pizza (I have no idea what Pizza was it?). And it was complimentary from the chefs and my cousin. Touched, are you not? lol


The pizza

Isn't it sweet, the chef came and asked about the food?
The food was awesome and my pasta were superb! I love the cream. I love the Pizza. It was a great experience, and surely we'll make a comeback. Prego, whats your next complimentary food then?